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The All New IDP Smart 51 Desktop Card Printer - In Stock & Available Now!

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The IDP Smart 51 inherits the core proven elements of its predecessor the Smart 50, which in return give the end user a higher print quality on all cards. Enhancements to the new Smart 51 Printer include a new state of the art CPU, user-friendly design and reliable parts. The printer will also be available in both a dual sided module (51D) and Lamination Module (51L).

The main benefits to the end user are:

  1. Larger capacity – Increased capacity of input hopper now improved to 200 cards.
  2. Quicker Printing Speed- Print speed has been enhanced by 10%.
  3. Security- Lockable hopper to secure ribbons & cards.
  4. Flexibility- Upgradeable to dual sided printing and lamination.
  5. 5-year warranty – Unrivalled 5-year warranty on the IDP Smart 51

IDP Smart 51 Key Features

  1. Improvement of print speed
  2. Enhanced FINE imaging technology
  3. State of the art CPU
  4. Reduced noise levels when printing
  5. All in one lock system
  6. Easy to handle laminate film cartridge
  7. Rear side card stacker which can hold up to 100 cards (optional)
  8. New 200 card input hopper
  9. Removable output hopper
  10. Support of transparent cards
  11. Support of CR79 cards
  12. Front side Magnetic stripe encoding (optional)