Introducing our new range of Eco-Friendly products!

Total Eco range 2
A brand new way to find all the Eco products that we have on offer all in one place! We wanted to show our drive and motivation in saving the planet by providing our customers and prospects a place where they can find it all! The more effort to save our planet, the better the outcome. To read more about Total-Eco click the below link: Total-Eco Range

What’s the difference between a Direct-to-Card and Retransfer ID Card Printer?

Agilia printer
What’s the difference between a direct-to-card and retransfer printer? It’s one of the most common questions we get asked here at Total ID so we thought we’d take a deeper look at the differences and individual benefits of these two printer types. In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of the key differences between these two printer technologies, and provide a handy table for quick reference! What's the difference between a Direct-To-Card VS Retransfer Printer

How Our Personalised Lanyards Can Give Live Music An Eco-Boost

How Our Personalised Lanyards Can Give Live Music An Eco Boost
Personalised lanyards in the music industry are commonplace. These neck-straps are an integral part of event security, and they’re also a great way to create exposure for a concert, gig or festival. But how can they reduce the carbon footprint of festivals and other live music events? Read our brochure for more info - How our personalised lanyards can give live music an eco boost

Types Of Access Control Cards

There are generally two types of access control cards: contactless cards and magnetic stripe cards. However, some cards have both features and these cards are referred to as contactless cards with a magnetic stripe. In this brochure, we’re diving deep into the types of access control cards and the functions of each - Types Of Access Control Cards

Buying The Right Lanyards

Multicoloured lanyards
Buying lanyards for some might seem like a simple process, but these days there are so many on offer that you might feel a little overwhelmed with so much choice! They are one of our most popular products, so we created this guide that will help you decide which lanyard option is best for you. Click the link to view our guide - A Guide To Buying The Right Lanyards

All You Need To Know About HID Mobile Access

HID Mobile Access Devices
What is HID Mobile Access? What are the benefits of switching over? There are fortunately an incredible amount of benefits switching to mobile access. To help you get started on considering Mobile Access we've put together a guide for you! Let Total ID help you securely switch your access system and get in touch with us today to find out more about how it will benefit you and your organisation. Click the link to view HID Mobile Access Guide > All you need to know about HID Mobile Access

Why You Should Consider Using Wristbands At Your Next Event

Events Management festival image
Are you planning on throwing a killer event? Tickets and wristbands are the two most popular ways of tracking attendee entry to your event. But, which one should you choose? Most event planners know about tickets. They’re the de-facto medium for managing event attendees. But how about wristbands? Here’s why you should at least consider leveraging wristbands at your next event. View our Information guide today - Why You Consider Using Wristbands At Your Next Event

BioBadge Card Holders Guide

Biobadge Enviromentally Friendly Card Holders
At Total ID we are always striving to offer new and improved products and due the environmental factors we have decided to change all our open faced single and dual sided card holders to an oxo-biodegradable plastic. Whether you’re using these handy card holders to hold a key card in a hotel, as a receipt holder, as a gift card holder or as an ID card holder! Use the opportunity to communicate with others. Click the link to find more information on our BioBadge Card Holders - BioBadge Card Holders Guide

The Importance Of Safeguarding

We offer a wide range of products to demonstrate safeguarding. In this brochure, we talk about the importance of safeguarding and what industries safeguarding takes place in.

A Guide To Printer Ribbons

Printer Ribbon
Do you need help with understanding the different types of ID card printer ribbons? We've created a guide to help you understand more about printer ribbons and which ones applies to your card printer
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