Printed Stickers

We can supply a free no obligation quote for stickers to suit the following applications:

Car Parking Permits - Place on the inside front windscreen to identify cars

Car Bumper Stickers - Waterproof, durable & long lasting

Car & Vehicle Windows - Advertising stickers to create awareness

Car Rear Windows - Promotional stickers ideal to promote your organisation or campaign

Charity Buckets & Collection Tins - Waterproof, durable & long lasting

Charity Fundraising Lapel Stickers - Great giveaway labels when fundraising

Outdoor Use - waterproof, durable & long lasting - popular for campaigns such as no cold calling, litter-free, recycling, wheelie bin stickers

Shop Windows – The ideal place to advertise your business, special offer or loyalty discount scheme


Digitally Printed Stickers - great for small to medium quantities or where detail is essential within your design

Flexo Printed Stickers - great for large volumes printed on rolls

Litho Printed Stickers - great for large volume print runs

Screen Printed Stickers - the right choice for solid strong colours, long lasting fade-resistant inks, fully waterproof


Cut down as singles – guillotined down to square or rectangle any size, or die-cut to a special shape

Stickers on a roll - the right choice for medium to large volumes or where quick peel-off is essential

Sticker sheets – cost effective option for charities wanting low to medium volumes of charity lapel stickers