Detectable Pens Are Now Mandatory - Did You Know?

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  • Detectable Pens Are Now Mandatory - Did You Know?

Be compliant with the launch of BRC Issue 8 in September 2018.

In November 2017 BRC released the first draft of their 'Global Standard for Food Safety' Issue 8 - for industry consultation. Within the draft standard is a new section: which states:

"Pens used in open product areas shall be controlled to minimise the risk of physical contamination (eg, designed without small parts and detectable by foreign body detection equipment)".

We are pleased to state that all our detectable pens conform to this requirement. They feature a polypropylene co-polymer body and core which are metal detectable, x-ray visible, food grade, shatter resistant and antibacterial. The pen is designed to be the safest writing instrument you could take into a food production facility.

The stainless steel ink cartridge is also metal detectable and x-ray visible, as well as tested to write for 10'000m - that's over 268 A4 pages before running out of ink! The Detectpen® does not contain any small or easily detachable components and is available in various colours.

When choosing a detectable pen to go into your production environment choose and remember the benefits:

1.Metal Detectable

2. X-Ray Visible

3. Shatter Resistant

4. Antibacterial Protection

5. FDA/EU Food Grade Materials

6. Tested to 10'000m write out length

7. Available in various colours

8. Compliant with BRC Issue 8 Draft Standard

9. No small/detachable components