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  • Paxton Switch Proximity Keyfob 820-010R

Paxton Switch 820-010R Proximity Keyfob - Red - Pack of 10 [CP820-010R]

£74.40 (inc VAT) £62.00 (exc VAT)



Paxton proximity keyfob packs are for use with Proximity compact, Easyprox compact and Switch2 systems. An intuitive 'shadow card' system is used for ease of management. The keyfobs are supplied with a wallet for storing the shadow cards.

  • Use with Compact and Switch2 systems
  • Keyfobs have a lifetime guarantee
  • All users are valid after enrolment
  • A lost card can be voided with a shadow card
  • Additional packs can be added easily
  • Simple function cards are included
  • Choice of pack colour for using coloured zones


Box contains:

  • Black permanent marker
  • Packaging - box insert - cardpacks for icc-bx02 (dai)
  • Packaging - box OD 210x180x120mm, card packs (dac)
  • Packaging - box OD 137x70x68mm keyfob pack (kfp)
  • Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
  • Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
  • Token wallet - Demo packs (167mm x 167mm)
  • ISO card no magnetic stripe & signature panel - Encoded
  • ISO Enrolment PROXIMITY card
  • ISO door open time card
  • ISO fail open release card
  • ISO silent operation card
  • Proximity minifob red in wallet


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