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  • EasyBadge Card Printing System

EasyBadge Card System - All In One Box [SEB004]

£838.80 (inc VAT) £699.00 (exc VAT)



All in one beautifully presented box, the bundle consists of the below:

1 x EasyBadge Single Sided Printer

1 x EasyBadge Professional Software (unlimited records)

1 x YMCKO UV Ribbon (prints 200 cards)

200 x Blank White PVC Cards

1 x EasyBadge UV Torch

1 x EasyBadge App for Mobile & Tablet

Printing In 5 Minutes With The Set-Up Wizard: The easy step by step EasyBadge Wizard allows you to quickly create the database and a fantastic looking ID card design all in a matter of minutes

EasyBadge App For Mobile & Tablet:Remove the headache of image capture with the EasyBadge app. Connect your app to the EasyBadge database using a unique code and records can be added or edited, photos captured and sent in seconds from anywhere in the world.

Simplicity Of Use With Stress Free Software: With multiple ways to view the ID records you can choose how you use the software. On card editing allows for easier and faster editing of cards meaning more time to get on with your other tasks.

Built In Support Help Is At Hand: Instead of searching through a manual the Easybadge support section allows you to ask your question directly in the software. Not only do you get an answer, in some instances, the software can actually perform the task you are having difficulty with!

In the unlikely event that you can’t find an answer to your problem you can ask a question directly to the developers via the ”ask a question” section.

Some frequently asked questions:

How quick is the printer? Prints a card YMCKO in 28 seconds.

How long is the warranty? Industry leading 5 year warranty.

How many records can the software hold? Unlimited.

Is the printer the same as the Smart 30? It’s the same engine, print speed and specification but the EasyBadge printer uses a completely different ribbon which will not work in the Smart 30 and vice versa.



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